Saturday, July 18, 2020

PINTEREST SEO Higher traffic 2020 BEST STRATEGY Ranking Facts to Get more Traffic


Are you confused about search engine optimization for Pinterest? Do you want to know what's the best s your strategy for 2020 What are the ranking factors and what helps your pins show high in search results on Pinterest? Knowing these s yo factors and including them into my Pinterest strategy is exactly how I get over 300,000 monthly pages or free organic traffic. Tow my block from interest. Hi, I'm Anastasia of I'm Pinterest marketing expert and on this channel, I share my Pinterest keeps every Thursday. If that's what you want to learn about, click subscribe and heat the bell-bottom to get notified when my new videos go live. 

Now, before I jump into answering all of these questions, I want to give you for most of the pins you will see either PIN title or sometimes if they're being the title, is missing you. You might see instead of the pain title part of the team description taking this space underneath the beam. So now we're moving to the next fact. A ranking factor is beyond description, so sometimes Pinterestdoesn't even show up in descriptions when, when you're in when you're trying to repeat something, especially on a mobile device, and a lot of people are telling me nowadays, and actually, I noticed the serest.

 These are boring names, So when you're saving a peon, you always want to make sure that the first board where it goes, eh? It's on your personal account. It'snot some grew bored on another person's account, and B these board has the focus cured or at least is the most relevant on your account to the content of the spin. So we're talking about different board titles, and a lot of people are asking me how many boards doing need. Um, sometimes people are just creating five or six boards or less than 10 boards, and they think they're done with their Pinterest account set up. That's just the very beginning is the first time pin, and that helps you to rank European for different keywords for related keywords and to show it to different types of you searchers. Right now, place number four, where you can include all the focus keywords you want to talk about an interesting related source off text where they grab the Qwords. It's something that you might not expect, 

but actually, so I was talking about detecting some objects on your images, But interest went even further than this, and they're now able to detect the text on your peen images. So in there, another post that they have about being compassionate, I will talk about it later. It's as erecting a ranking factor. But one of the things they're mentioning here is that they have a system called OCR. So optical character recognition means that they're looking at your image and they find on the background either this letters or sometimes that can read this taxed overlay. They understand from the tax on the image which cures they should attribute this to understand, that they're trying to build at the platform that will give you results from all of these different verticals and vertical shopping, vertical and fresh beans,

 fresh content, vertical. And there's something else coming. So interest can check on which verticals the user has seen recently for similar queries and what the user is engaging with, uh, more often, which kind of vertical of the user is engaging more often. And if the user didn't engage with some kind of verticals than Pinterest, will not show more of that vertical in the near future to this specific user. That'sone of the ways that interest explains that the R personalizing search results another very important fact that you need to know about interest issue. I think it's number nine is that pinches is also assigning the so-called interests two pins and they use them as one of the ranking factors. For example, if you look at this being the being image we have here a woman with a dog, and that's no.

 It's snowing where it has been snowing, and these are the interests that intend description and then are the keywords that aren't here. They're also coming from the tax that is in the description and in the description that comes from the side and also from the PIN description. So Pinterest understands what the spin is about, and these are the boards to which you could easily save the spin, and they're pretty broad, different. Some of them are very broad, like travel or animals. We don't even see the skewers right here, but interest understands that this Penis related to travel somehow so you can easily say this being to the board called Travel, and it will be fine. It will be relevant and it will help you show this being toe a broader audience not only to people who are searching specifically for sloth sanctuary but also to people who are searching about any information or travel inspiration. And now let's look at the ranking factor.

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