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Facebook marketing can seem hopeless sometimes. It's especially true with Facebook because of their algorithm restricts organic reach. So anytime you post, there's a really high probability that your friends, your fans, your followers barely see anything that you're posting. But there must be a way to fix this, right? (light upbeat music) Before we get started, make sure you subscribe to this video. And if you're on YouTube, click the alert notification that way when I go live, you'll get notified. The first tip I have for you, and this one may seem obvious, but most people don't do this, it's posting quality information over quantity. It used to be on Facebook where if you keep posting more and more information, eventually your followers, your fans they'll like your content. 

Now Facebook has adjusted their algorithm in which if you post content and your fans barely engage, the next time you post content, they'll show it to a lot fewer people. In other words, you need to post more quality information to bring up the number of fans that continually engage with your content so that way when you keep posting, more people are going to see your content. Now, here's a few tricks. You already know if you're going to post quality over quantity just make sure it's amazing information. But when you go live on Facebook, they tend to show those videos more often than when you post a link to a website. So if you need a boost to overall engagement because you've posted a lot, you already have very little engagement,

 start doing live videos. It'll start bringing your page back to life. That way when you share content from your website and you're driving them off Facebook, you'll still get a lot of engagement. Another type of content that you could post that does really well is memes. Anything that can create engagement, and when I mean engagement, I'm not talking about likes, I'm not talking about shares, I'm talking about comments. When you get more comments and engagement, your content is much more likely to go viral. 

When you go viral, you reach more people. When you do that with one of those memes, the next time again when you post an article that goes back to your website, Facebook will show it to more people which will help you get more likes and more shares as well. The second thing that you need to do is keep looking at your Facebook Insights. I don't know why people don't do this but Facebook provides you analytics. It shows you the type of people that liked your content, the time of the day you should be posting, the demographics. It shows you every little thing. It's been so helpful to me that now when I post on Facebook, to get the most engagement,

 I pick certain regions, certain languages to post my content in versus showcasing it to everyone. because then when I segment out my audience into these different buckets that Facebook Insights shares with me, I'm now able to share the content and ensure that whoever I share it with, they're much more likely people who do like your content on a regular basis. And one thing that you can do to really get the engagement up once you pick your segments to go after top fans. Facebook will put a badge to show you who your top fans are so you can do things to encourage

rands and influencers within your niche. Listen to these influencers. Look at their pages. See what people are liking there. See what their audience eats up. See what their audience hates. That should 
So for example with me, I typically post at least one video on a Saturday. Why you're probably asking? Because during that Saturday, I found that my competitors barely post any content. Even though there are not as many people online at Facebook at that time, for my audience, what I found is, because there's not a lot of content for my audience, they're more likely to show my content to a lot of people. Some of the best shared and liked videos that I Prell. But here's the kicker and this has done so well for me, I'll use Facebook Messenger to push people to my fan page and get them to like a post or a story that I just pushed out. 

What I've found is that creates much more engagement. It reignites all my fans and that content starts going more viral to my fan base, all the existing people who've already liked my page and already shown interest in the past. A simple hack. You take the content that you just posted on your fan page and you send it, that'll create more comments, and then when I get those comments, I engage back and I respond to each and every single one of them.

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