Saturday, May 16, 2020

BEST TOP 10 FREELANCE WEBSITE 2020 FIND FREE JOBS SMZEESOFT.COM Upwork is a famous website and I personally use it to hire and outsource my work You will get every type of clients The problem in this website is they charge a fee for 5%-20% 20% is a high fee but in the starting, you can get good clients from here So you can use Upwork and I personally recommend this website, you can start from here The second website is Toptal is for This is a good website but the problem is that they hire only the top 3% of freelancers are hired Out of 100 only top 3 are selected The screening process is very difficult So if you really have skills and you are confident about it, then you can apply here You will have a screening process, and an interview,

 then only you will get hired The advantage here is that you will have a good pay You will get offers from Airbnb Companies You will get a chance to work with good companies You won't have to bid for your projects like you do in Upwork or in freelancing So this is a good option The third website is coding So this website is somewhat like Toptal But the screening process is not difficult as it is in Toptal So you can view this website So you will have to go through  a screening process If you are confident for your skills, 
then you can use this website The fourth website is is one of the most popular websites for freelancing Here the benefit is the fees that they take is only 10%, so that's good But you will get to see more competition So its a very high competition website, and you will be able to see all types of jobs and clients The Upwork and freelancer have the same database, so you can try for this Now I come over to the 5th website which is Just as the name suggests, this website is for designers The concept of this website is they conduct contests, For example, A client posted that they need a logo So you will create a logo and you won't get any fees unless your logo gets selected as a winner, For example, This is a, 

luxury real estate So they needed a logo and they put up a competition where 47 designers gave their entries So they have given design and only 1 got selected And its price is $599, means winner got $600 So this is a good website if you are a designer Now I come to the 6th website, which is is a famous website, its concept is that Fiverr means all tasks start from $5 It is not necessary that all such tasks end in that same rate I will recommend this when your services are specified Specified means your task is specified For Example: Transferring a WordPress website within 2 days, so this is a specified task WordPress website has  to be transferred from one server to another I have to make a logo, this is a specified task I have to do a voiceover, this is a specified task So if you have tasks like that, you can use for logo, For example, I told that I will create 100 social media posts for $10, so for that,

 I can use Fiverr Now I come to the 7th website which is is somewhat like Upwork and freelancer But in 2 years this website is getting up, due to an increase in clients, and the main reason for that is their pricing is less compared to Upwork, Fiverr, and freelancer So is also a good option Here you have to pay fees of 9% which means they will take away 9% of your income This thing was 10% in the case of a freelancer and in Upwork it was from 5-20% Now I come to the 8th website which is The concept of is that it is a mix of Fiverr and Upwork Fiverr has gig create means, you say you are doing it for people, then client, automatically searches for you and contact you You don't have to bid for it So people tell their rates for coding Like they will take 20$ for 1-hour coding, 

so you can hire me accordingly So here are the types of projects and the mix of Upwork is that you can yourself bid on a project So you can do 2 things: You can define your rate, clients will contact you Second is: You yourself can go and bid on projects So it's a very good option and you can try this Now I come over to the 9th website which is is a website that doesn't cut off commission For example: If you earn $100, you will get $100 But they have monthly membership fees Which starts at $7, so you have to pay it monthly Then you can take unlimited projects and bid through it They won't cut any commission from the earnings you have So if you have a problem in the commission cuts, then you can register on this website and take projects from here But the main disadvantage is that they don't have an escrow account There are many websites which have escrow accounts, and there must be the escrow accounts in freelance websites like Upwork, 

Freelancer Escrow account means, when clients give a payment it is held and when you do work, then that payment is released and given back to you So there's a guarantee where you will get your payment There is no such thing in iFreelance, they have removed the middlemen So here your guarantee is removed and you have to trust the person So this was about freelance Now I come to the last website which is This is specifically for the Indian audience, Indian freelancers and clients So if you are not comfortable in English Because the projects you take internationally, you will have to converse in English So if you are not comfortable, you can visit this website and connect with the Indian clients to converse in Hindi So this is a good option You can get Indian clients in Upwork, but you will have to search for it So now is the turn for Protip From all the websites

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